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Although we are primarily a hosting solution, we are also able to design a bespoke website or use a generic template into which we, or you, can add your content; we offer a variety of website design options giving you all, or a percentage of, the control over your website. We strongly believe in the benefits of a website being independently maintained and supported, and we encourage you to learn the relevant skills to update and save or ‘back-up’ your site yourself! .

We can create bespoke teaching days at our premises where we design a training programme specific to your current skills set and which includes ‘hands-on’ experience and teaching. We can also provide support with design elements, mailing lists, social media, the technical requirements of photographs, scanned images and videos, software updates, in fact, pretty much anything that you need to keep your website sustainable. We would be happy to hear from you to discuss your project.

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Web Design Features:

Data Base driven Website

Fully Responsive / Mobile Ready

12 Months Free Website Hosting

Full Ownership Rights and Sources

Web Design
  • Home Page
  • 4 Sub Pages
  • Contact form
Web Design
  • Home Page
  • 8 Sub Pages
  • Contact form
  • Gallery
Web Design
  • Home Page
  • Many Sub Pages
  • Contact form
  • Gallery
  • Ecommerce

Fully Responsive Mobile Friendly Web Design

Accessing websites is now more prolific and easy than ever before and the range of devices able to relay web based information grows by the day. Therefore when designing a website it is important to consider the variety of ways it may be viewed. Responsive websites take the viewing medium (i.e. mobile phone, tablet, PC and so on) into account and automatically manipulate content to best fit the screen size and orientation. Our web design and advice will take responsivity into account allowing your site to be easily accessible by a large number of media.

Responsive web sites

Included with all design packages as standard:

Manage and Develope your Website

Take full control of your website. Update content at your convenience.

Fully Responsive web Design

Easily accessaible and viewable on mobile phones, tablets, PCs.

Design Templates

Choose from many different tempales to suit your business or interest needs.

Ownership Rights

Full ownership rights and responsibility for all original content on you site.

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