About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

Zenith Web is a Web Hosting and Web Design business, based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. We pride ourselves on being able to support all of your web hosting, web design and web support needs because we are able to understand both the technical infrastructure and personal, social and business requirements of our customers. We offer unrivalled support whether you are a seasoned pro who is looking for friendly, reliable reseller hosting or whether you are starting your first tentative steps towards creating your own website and know very little, or nothing at all, about what is needed. We tailor our support and language to your knowledge and skill level so you won't feel demeaned or out of your depth.

We have a passion for the Internet! We know your website needs to be a showcase and platform for your business, blog or personal passion, and our desire is to provide the best possible solution and support for your diverse needs.

Gray Del-Nevo

Company Director

Gray Del-Nevo

Gray is the director of Zenith Web and oversees the day to day smooth running of the business. He has a keen interest in servers, Internet, and enjoys keeping up to date with new developments in technology that are constantly improving our experience of the World Wide Web. He is also a Microsoft accredited professional, an accolade he worked long and hard to acquire.

Debs Milverton

Client Manager

Debs Milverton

Debs's role at Zenith Web has often been compared with that of a 'Babel Fish' as she is able to 'translate' the complex technical jargon of web hosting and web design into clear, understandable & down-to-Earth language. This enables a working relationship with individual clients to ensure we co-create exactly what you require. Debs is also able to offer bespoke training to enable you to build and maintain your own web presence.

Our Values

When you choose Zenith Web for your web needs you are working in a partnership where our values drive everything we do.

A Personalized Service

We value our ability to understand exactly what each individual client wants and to provide advice, a service and a product that matches that accurately..

We value the transparency of our process and will strive to complete your project exactly as we promised while keeping you informed of our progress along the way.

We have a specific, though not exclusive, interest and expertise in small to medium-sized family run businesses and tailor our service to fit around the important and pressing needs of family life.

Efficient, Authentic, Committed, Transparent

We value efficiency and will strive to fulfil your instructions as swiftly as we can within a realistic time frame.

We value authenticity and honesty and we will explain our reasoning should we not be able to provide what you need.

Reliable Uptime and Technical Infrastructure

We feel honoured to be the intermediaries between your website and the rest of the world! We provide excellent uptime and a reliable web service because your website shows the world at large how reliable YOU are and needs to be working for you 24-7.

Security (personal and professional)

We value the trust you have put in us to work with your personal and professional data and will never divulge your information to a third party. We also take significant steps to ensure your data is protected against theft, or genuine accidental loss, at all times.

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